All Layer Cakes

6″ ~ $35.00 – Serves 6-8
8″ ~ $45.00 – Serves 10 -12
10″ ~ $65.00 – Serves 12-18

Birthday Cakes

Available in chocolate or vanilla cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting

Mocha Mousse Cake

Chocolate espresso cake layered with chocolate mousse, brushed with caramel sauce and covered with chocolate ganache

Flourless Chocolate Truffle Torte

Rich and decadent torte flavored with orange essence and covered in ganache

Lemon Raspberry Cake

White butter cake layered with tangy lemon curd, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream

Key Lime Cake

Cornmeal pound cake and key lime curd covered in white chocolate ganache

Coconut Berry Cake

Coconut layer cake filled with blackberry puree and coconut cream

Fresh fruit tart

Seasonal fruit with vanilla pastry cream in a sweet tart shell
9” ~ $45.00 – Serves 10-12

Traditional cheesecake

with fresh fruit and vanilla crumb crust
9” ~ $35.00 – Serves 10-12

Our Policy on bringing Food including Cakes to our Restaurant

Please note, J’s Restaurant serves our own desserts and we are happy to prepare special desserts with advance notice including the cakes presented above. With proper notice we are capable of providing any food or services that you may request. All food, including cakes, served in the restaurant must be purchase from the restaurant as every item served in our restaurant is both our responsibility and our liability. We take food preparation and storage very seriously and serve only foods are provided by licensed purveyors or licensed farmers.

Foods purchased and transported in a un-refrigerated car have left the control of licensed purveyors and pose a greater risk of Foodborne illness. Should you wish to have a cake served from a licensed bakery, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Please contact us at 978-779-9816 so that we can arrange for the delivery of the cake or dessert directly from the bakery. A plating fee of $3.00 per servicing will be charged. Our goal is to insure your safety and limit our liability and we appreciate your understanding.

Should you bring food to our restaurant, we will accommodate the situation by offering to store your food in a refrigerator during your meal and will return the items to you at the end of service. This will afford you the opportunity to bring the cake home and serve enjoy it at the end of your meal. However, please understand that we do not accept any responsibility for the safety of such service.