Picnics & Family Outings

We have about 30 picnic tables that we allow people to use without charge and welcome people to enjoy our scenery and wines with the following guidelines:

• While we invite you to bring your own food and soft drinks, we do not allow any sort of grill or cooking equipment on the premises or any other equipment which we deem would pose a risk to other customers.
• We do not allow tents, pop up tables, signs, flags or banners.
• We do not reserve tables and do not allow people to reserve tables if they are not physically on site at all times.
• If you would prefer, we offer the great picnic lunches that we can prepare for you which will be ready at the time you specify. For information about our picnic lunch menu please click here . By using our services you help preserve our farm!

Our license for onsite consumption of Alcoholic Beverages only allows for the consumption of alcoholic beverages that are produced by Nashoba Valley Spirits under our Farmer’s Winery and Farmer’s Brewery permits. Additionally, our farm is sustained through the sale of our wines and beers so it is important to our survival that we generate some revenue from the use of our property. While we invite you to use our property, picnic tables, scenery, parking, rubbish disposal and facilities without any charge, we must insist that only our alcoholic beverages are consumed on the property. Your understanding and cooperation will help to make sure that we are here for you in the future.

• We do not allow games that might impose a risk to others including the throwing or tossing of balls in the picnic area. We hope that everyone will appreciate that there are many small children and elderly people enjoying our farm also who might be inadvertently injured by a missed ball or Frisbee.

• Our grounds are intended to be used by customers visiting our farm and winery and for a peaceful day in the country. It is important for us to preserve the ambiance and quality of our farm for all of our guests by limiting the number of tables that we allow to be grouped together to two tables. This will usually accommodate approximately 16 people.

• We often host weddings it is important for us to make sure that the hosted wedding is the only function on site and will restrict large groups from gathering or undertaking any activity which might detract from the wedding. We do not allow people to move the tables without requesting permission as our wedding customers often ask us to restrict tables to a certain location.

• We reserve the absolute right to restrict the use of our tables and to determine the appropriate location of our tables to make the day enjoyable for everyone. Our goal is to preserve the experience of our farm for all of our visitors and therefore we do not consider our grounds to be a proper venue for family outings, re-unions or gatherings of more than 15 people. While I appreciate that this might disappoint some customers, we hope that those customers will understand how they would feel if they came to our farm for a wedding or for a quiet day in the country.

Farms needs revenue to survive and pay our bills and we subsidize our farm with fees and revenue generated from hosting events. From a business approach, it is simply not practical to charge some people for an outing or event and then allow others to simply use the property without paying a fee or having us cater their event. While this might be disappointing to some of our customers, we hope that they will understand that a great deal of time and money is required to keep our property maintained, clean and beautiful and we do this with the revenue that we generate from all aspects of our business. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our rules.